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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March First

I just found this free background and love it. The Cutest Blog on the Block. If you click on the words it will take you right there. I was reading some one's blog who said she changes hers quite often. I went with Irish for now.

It's funny though, I am not Irish. I really am fond of all things Irish, like my husband, my children (part Irish-anyway), my husband's family. Believe it or not, I am even fond of my childhood memories of going to Catholic school with nuns right off the boat from Ireland. They spoke Gaelic to each other. I remember they even taught us some Gaelic words. These nuns were what a priest friend of mine said are "Real Nuns". You know the nuns that still wear full habits. I grew up in south Florida and back in the 60s when AC was not common the sisters wore full length habits. In the spring they would wear all white and in the fall and winter they switched to black. Many of our priests were Irish also. I won't tell you about our pastor as you probably read or heard about him in the news a few years back.

Lots of book work to do today. Just had to pop in and share my joy at finding these free backgrounds for blogs.

Thanks for tuning in. Oh yeah, if I do any more editing on the card I made yesterday I may post another photo. Check back.

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