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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wedding gift

The front the of the Memory Keeper
Memory Keeper from the side
Detail from one of the inside pages
Memory keeper with memory showcase inside. (I didn't remove the cover to the adhesive when I unfolded the box in case the couple wants to fold it up again for storage)
Front of the Memory Showcase ( a 9X9 accordion album)
Inside of the accordion album
Two more pages of the album
The back of the album
The inside of the back side of the album

The beautiful blushing bride. I have to say she was extremely brave to plan an outdoor wedding for January and wear a spaghetti strap dress. The weather cooperated by being sunny and warm. Two hours away in Jacksonville, it was gray, wet, dreary and cold. The wedding was held at the boy's father and step-mother's house. They had a huge tent set up for the dinner with the ceremony held outside of the tent with seating around an arch and a patio for dancing. Huge back yard.
The bride, groom and best man (who is also the groom's older brother)
The best man, also one of my gorgeous nephews.
The bride with her mother-in-law. Already the best of friends.
The groom with his mother, also the best of friends.

I finally got my nephew's wedding present completed. Only a week late, but I was in no shape to get it done last week.
The photos I saw of the wedding helped make me feel like I had been there. Beautiful bride and, oh my, the groom is incredibly handsome. He is over 6'5" and towers over his mere 5'2" relatives.
This gift is from Close to my Heart. The box is called the Memory Keeper and the album is called the Memory Showcase. The album fits nicely inside the box as you can see and there is room for other mementos of the day like cards or garter or things like that. The front of the album is the actual wedding invitation. It came as one piece with the side flaps holding the directions and the RSVP card and envelope. I kind of cut it apart to use as part of the gift. The black satin ribbon is from it also.
I got the Martha Stewart heart border punch. Isn't it darling? I was able to sort through the punch detritus and rescue the little hearts to use, cute huh?!?.
I got ideas for the different pages in the album from everywhere and took something from this and a little from that. As you can see the accent color is a soft green. The men all had on green satin vests and the bridesmaids flowers were a pale green.
There are way too many items to name so if you have a burning desire to know what or where I got bits and pieces or what I used leave a comment for me.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Oh my goodness Leslie! I am has turned out just fabulous. What a spectacular gift. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  2. WOW WOW!!!! amazing Leslie! I hope you are feeling better.
    THis is amazing.

  3. This is so absolutely amazing i have had to look several times! Great job!!! Beth

  4. Be STILL, my heart! This is out and out gorgeous, doll! You rocked this and knocked it out of the park!. Uh, I really like it. ;-)

  5. Ah! My computer is behaving itself tonight. I had to try, because your box and accordion pages for the couple are absolutely stunning - fit for such a beautiful couple.

    Man, you're a worker, too. If I had more than one job, I don't think I'd make it.

    Take care, friend!

  6. Oh my heavens! This is absolutely stunning! All the love and care that went into this creation just shines through. WOW! Thanks for sharing!

  7. That was an amazing gift!! Beautiful! Glad you are on the mend!!

  8. Hi Leslie!
    I'm sorry you missed the wedding - but your gift is out of this world beautiful! They will think of you often and fondly!


  9. Leslie,
    This turned out beautifully...what a lovely gift. They are sure to treasure it, as will their children.


  10. What a gorgeous gift from your heart and hands, Leslie!

  11. This is so pretty. I love it - what a great gift. It is funny to hear someone would think to plan an outdoor wedding in January. In my neck of the woods you would have to do it in a snowsuit - perhaps a snowman/woman wedding would be appropriate here. You are very lucky!

  12. This is GORGEOUS!!! What a FABULOUS gift! I am sure they fell head over heels in love with it, too! You are so thoughtful!~

    ~Inky Smiles!