That's Me

Sunday, January 31, 2010

twice in one day after nothing for many many days - hmmmmm

I saw a card on Kathi's blog over at Kathi's Corner and loved it. Check out her blog for some great artwork and her stories about her grandsons. Not only is she a great artist, she is the best grandma ever.

My Card

I needed a sympathy card. My daughter's boyfriend lost his grandmother this weekend and I wanted to send a card. I love most everything that Kathi makes. She is so creative and her style is one I admire.
I wasn't sure about bling on a sympathy card, but I think it can stand for the many jewels in Judi's crown. She was very sweet to my daughter. Kindness goes a long way with this mama bear.
Thanks for tuning in again.


  1. One of my all time favorite papers!!! Beautiful card.

  2. This also is one of my favorite packs I love the stripes best. Your card is lovely and will be appreciated. Beth

  3. Very nice card. I just love nice, clean, simple cards. :)

  4. Leslie,
    Nice card - very thoughtful!

  5. I am flipping blushing ... Thank you, Lesley! Everything I do is so "plain" compared to so many. However, five pound cards just don't work out for me, so I'll stick to my simple style.

    Your card is lovely. Just right for a sympathy card.

    Have a great week!

  6. Kathi is indeed awesome (and I love making her blush...teehee). Your take on her card is absolutely beautiful. It will most definitely be appreciated!

  7. Wow, both of your posts today are beautiful! Love the simplicity of this card and your box is beautiful!