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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Valentines for St.Jude's Children

I was able to get 6 cards made to put in the mail to Winter for her challenge of taking 200 cards to the hospital when she goes past there on her trip. I thought they came out pretty well, for a spur of the moment idea. I got the ideas from the CTMH artwork Bulletin Board from two wonderful ladies - Taya Alexander and Leslie Crosby who were willing to share their ideas with everyone.

I notice that most of these could be used for little boys. That was not my intention. Some of the insides were not photo worthy, others I thought you might like to see. I especially like the "I am geared for you" robot card and the "No Lion, You're the best" cards. I made sure the B&T didn't have any lions on it so I could put one on the inside.

Reminds me of a Christmas card my sister received years and years ago. It had a picture of a camel and an elephant on the front, but the words said ephant and cam and on the inside it said no EL no EL. Cute little play on words there.

My prayer goes out as I mail these cards that the children receiving them will live full, happy and healthy lives. As you can see I didn't put anything in the cards about their healthy or sickness.

I go back to work tomorrow and I have a ton of work to complete here today so...
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Wow, you are a card making machine! These are so fun!

  2. Leslie,
    Bless you for this random act of kindness! I am so proud of my friends and how loving they are - like now.


  3. As always, great work and compassion. I imagine the kids will love them!

  4. Awesome Leslie!!! What a wonderful thing to do!

  5. Leslie these are fantastic! Beth

  6. Wow!! Great use of the "kiddie" paper...these are cute as pie!!

  7. Sweet cards!! What a great cause! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  8. Super cute cards Leslie. The kids are going to love them.

  9. How giving of you to make all these cards for such a wonderful cause, Leslie! Each one is precious & the kids are gonna "eat 'em up."