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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm sorry

I didn't do anything wrong - well... today anyway -grins-. This card is for a friend of mine. On December 22nd or 23rd she got home to find her house had been broken into. She had boxes under the tree with wrapped packages in the boxes and other packages that were ripped open some were taken, some were left. These gifts were for her children, grand children and great grandchildren. Can you imagine how horrible she must have felt? The news station interviewed her and it was heart breaking.
I haven't talked to her yet. I will see her on Thursday. I just want her to know how sorry I am that she had to go through that.
Remember that shiny silver card stock that I got from our Teacher Depot? She and I and our other friend meet at the depot, gather as many free goodies that will fit in our 3 canvas bags and then we go out for dinner and girl/work talk. We are bookkeepers in elementary schools. It is so good to have a girl's night out with people who can understand and share our pain as well as share tips and strategies that work for us. This will be the highlight of my week. Dinner is a treat too as I have NEVER liked Mac-N-Cheese until I tried it at this restaurant.
My card is based on a card by Becky Oehlers. Hers is a beautiful red on white. I probably should have stuck more closely to hers. You can't see it very well, but there is a second generation image in the lower left corner. Needless to say, not happy with the card, but why let a little thing like that stop me from sharing it.
It is almost time for my Mark Harmon fix for the week. My DH is so tolerant when it comes to TV men! -grins-
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Hi Leslie... so sorry your friend's home was burglarized... I am sure the pretty card you made her will be much are so thoughtful... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Leslie. I think that is just awful about your friend. If there is a positive side - at least she wasn't home and no one was hurt. But the principal is just so frustrating.

    I do like your card. There is a lot of love and thought that is in it and that alone makes it beautiful. I don't think I have seen anything you have made that I didn't like......

  3. Ohh how awful for your friend! I think your card is beautiful (you know I love blue and white) and she will LOVE it Leslie.

  4. Leslie,

    So sad to hear about the troubles your friend experienced. These things can be so upsetting - and it truly helps to have friends who are there to just imply say "I'm sorry" this happened!

    Your card is so sweet and thoughtful - like you.


  5. What a great card to cheer your friend. That is a horrible thing to have happen especially during the holidays. I think this will definitely make her day.

  6. That is so sad. How aweful. My husband made sure that the alarm was set every time we went out. I couldn't imagine someone breaking in to take the presents, but apparently it happens. So sorry for your friend. You are a nice friend to send her that card. And, on that note...I am so excited that you are going to Convention. So am I!!! I can't wait to meet you. I am in the Cocoa Group. Which one are you in?

  7. It's so pretty, Leslie! I'm really sad for your friend. You feel so violated when that happens...and to take the kids' gifts is simply horrible. I hope they are doing well.

  8. This card is wonderful, I just wish the circumstances weren't so horrid! Beth