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Sunday, July 19, 2009

one word answers - almost

I found this on Bren Yule's blog and thought it might be fun. Try it!

You can play this too, just cut and paste, add your own response and paste into your blog…
One Word:

you’re feeling: Procrastination
to your left: Bed
on your mind: scrapping and cleaning - in that order
last meal included: Ice Cream
you sometimes find it hard to: Say No
something you have a collection of: Pandas
a smell that cheers you up: roses
a smell that can ruin your mood: smoke - smoked food or cigarettes
how long since you last shaved:early last week
the current state of your hair: Short
the largest item on your desk/workspace right now (not computer):
bag with crocheted item I am working on
your skill with chopsticks: Choppy
which section you head to first in the bookstore:
…and after that?: Romance

something you’re craving: breakfast - at the moment
your general thoughts on politics: Doomed
how many times you’ve been hospitalized this Year: None-thank God
a favorite place to go for quiet time: scraproom
you’ve always secretly thought you’d be a good: writer
something that freaks you out a little:
something you’ve eaten too much of lately: Sweets
you have never:
been divorced
you never want to be: sick

Thanks for tuning in.

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