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Monday, July 4, 2011

Not so proud of this one, and some news!

I can't believe I am even posting this one as it is a big disappointment.

The teacher asked me to make a picture frame for her brother and fiance.  The colors were brown, tan and blue.  I am really disappointed in the results.  I am just going to give the frame to her and she can give it to them or not.

Since my last blog in June I have experienced some interesting changes.  I think most of you knew that I was working in an inner city elementary school as a bookkeeper/Principal's secretary.  A new elementary school is opening in August and I will be working there.  I am so excited to be there as it is 3.5 miles from my house.  That means about 4 hours not on the road each week, probably one tank of gas every two weeks, rather than once a week, and a much safer neighborhood. The downside - I love the people I worked with and will miss them.  I sent out an email letting the teachers and staff know that I would be leaving and got back some of the sweetest replies.  "Booo hooooo, BOOOO HOOO HOOO!!! We will miss having you at SP everyday! You did an outstanding job of being the VERY BEST bookkeeper I have ever had! No one does it better than you, "The Godmother". There will never be another. Thank you for all your commitment, service, & support. SP will always be home for you! Boo hoo hoooooooo! Wish you all the best!"  This was from my boss.  Just an example of what I got.  This lady brought the school up from an F to a C in her first year and up to a B this year.  Just 21 points to an A.  I imagine she will do that next year.  She loves children, she cannot walk past a child without stopping to speak and lay a gentle loving hand on them.
A few weeks ago a friend had called me to ask me about calling or emailing another friend to see if she was going to interview for this new school called Waterleaf Elementary and then it dawned on her that I might want to interview there.  (On the way to my son's graduation I had pointed out the school to my husband and son saying wouldn't that be neat if I could work there.  The Lord thought so too. :-).)  I contacted HR and they said they had already given my name to the principal.  A while later I realized she had called my cell and asked me to call her. I went in for the interview and the rest is history.  My new principal has a son the same age as mine, in fact, the boys were in scouts together.
My new school is exactly that - a brand new school.  It is within 1 mile of the elementary school my son went to many moons ago.  You can stand in the yard of one and see the yard of the other school.  There is another ES down the road and around the corner, another one about two miles down the road from the new school.  Yikes, I guess we are really growing in this area of town.  
I started my new job on Friday, but never made it in to the school.  Our city takes the plans for each new school and uses them twice.  Our twin was opened two years ago at the other end of the city, on the way out of town toward St. Augustine.  The bookkeeper there, having dealt with outfitting her school, was in charge of outfitting my new school so I ran down there to see what my school will look like once we get the certificate of occupancy and pick up all the Purchase Orders and other files she had.  After that and running several errands on Friday, it was almost 4p.m. and I was across town, (this being the largest city in the country - area wise) I never made it back to the school.  Tomorrow is my first day IN the school and I know it won't be for long, we have to take our laptops to get them programmed.  Oh yeah, I need to pack my desk chair and a card table to take in to work with me until our furniture is delivered.  Fun, Fun, Fun.  I really am so excited.  I also have to go out to my old school to wrap up things there.  The new bookkeeper there was hired on the spot.  Great lady, I know she will fit in nicely.  She won't have access to the computers for awhile so I will be working two schools for awhile.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.  Stay tuned, if I can figure out what I have and haven't posted I may have some more "artwork" (I use that term very loosely) to post.

Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Congratulations Leslie. What your boss said about you brought tears to my eyes. The children at that school must have really loved you. God is good and has opened up a whole new chapter in your life. The childen and staff at the new school are going to be so blessed to have you.

  2. Congrats Leslie! This is wonderful news and I am so happy for you. It's no surprise to me to hear how loved and valued you are. All your good qualities come out in your artwork. BTW, I love the frame! Hopefully the shorter commute means we will get to see even more gorgeous creations from you. Now do me a favor and don't work too hard; enjoy the summer. ;-)