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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cased Thanks 2

I almost said this was cased from Simplicity, but that wouldn't exactly be true.  I saw it on Susan Raihala's Simplicity blog, but it was submitted or sent to Susan by Lori M. I have included a link in case you want to checkout how closely I cased the card.

I want to send a card to the school that I have been working from since our computers weren't in and the Internet wasn't set up yet.  Fortunately the school is exactly 1 mile down the road from my school so it wasn't a lot of travel.  The school was kind enough to give me an office and a computer to use so I could finish ordering the EVERYTHING we need to open the school in a few short weeks.  The school is named Sabal Palm and their mascot is the flamingo so I used the pink color to represent the flamingo and the palm trees, well you know why I used those.  Anyway, I think I am quite pleased with my card.  I am not usually fond of cards with no background and texture paper.  This is an exception.  Now I just have to sell my boss on the idea or not.  If she is not interested in sending a thank you card, I will send it myself, just from me.

Did I tell you that the mail man hasn't darkened our door yet?  I went to the PO the other day to buy stamps and mentioned that since we are open for business, so to speak, we would like service...  The postal person said we didn't have to request service that when there was mail the postal person would deliver it.  Are you thinking what I thought, only after I got back in the car, what about the mail that we want sent out?!?  Oh well, I fixed that by making a card for my principal and putting it in the mail.  They will have to deliver it, right?????  Hope to see him tomorrow.  This may sound familiar if you read the previous post.

I have got to head to bed.  Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Beautiful colors and design, Leslie! Seeing the palm tree makes me feel cooler too. :) Blessings! Hope your PO service has improved by now too, and that your school year is off to a great start!