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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Drayton accordion album and keepsake box

Front of album using wedding invitation
First set of inside pages
Second set of inside pages
Back cover of album
Back two pages of the accordion album
Front of Keepsake Box
Side view of the keepsake box
Album in the box

This is the third wedding gift I have made now. It is a 9x9 accordion album and a sturdy chipboard box with magnetic closure on the lid. The box can be made to lay flat for storage or the adhesive corners can be uncovered and adhered to make it permanent. This gift set and the other two all were made using the Silhouette Paper Packet. I believe that another person would like one of these gift sets. I hope to use a different paper for the next one or two. In fact, if my customer likes this one she will probably order another one for one of our teachers that will be getting married later this year.
I would like to think I am getting faster at these, but I figured this weekend I worked on this about 25 hours. I am making $1.20 an hour. I do hope it will boost my business. Every little bit helps.
I am working on baby shower invitations for another teacher. The invitations are for the entire staff so I am making 80 of them. Shhhhhh, it's a surprise. Another teacher is asking me to do a bridal shower take away. I asked for suggestions on the CTMH bulletin board and got a few good ideas. Right now I am leaning toward the little matchbook with a piece of Bliss chocolate inside with a message about sharing in our bliss. Something like that.
Well, it is late and I do need to get up early so I am signing off.
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  1. This is so beautiful, I think you should make business cards with these pictures on them to advertise. and then double the

  2. Wow, look at that! beautiful.

  3. Wow, this is great! $1.20 per hour - I guess you can say you do it because you love it. I am sure that anyone who received ANY of your product will be more than thrilled and knowing that is PRICELESS.

  4. Leslie, I love the blue accents on your box and album gift! We certainly can't put a value on these "what I make with my hands I give with my heart" items! = Priceless! Thanks for your sweeeeet comment on my post. And I agree with the cute "bliss" matchbook idea. (I can't wait to see that diaper! Keep it clean! )

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Leslie! I'm am so impressed by your talent. :-)

  6. So beautiful. What a wonderful gift! Honey, I know we don't make much money - yet. tee hee. My vote is the matchbook chocolate. My vote is ALWAYS chocolate. ha

  7. This is so gorgeous Leslie. What a great gift.