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Thursday, October 8, 2009

gatherling layout and good news

Hi all, Some ladies that I did a gathering for in August asked me to come back and I told them since they prefer doing layouts that I would do one for the gathering. I hope this is okay. I am going to show them how you can fit 2 portrait type photos or one large landscape type photo on this layout. I also think I will do a companion piece as either a hostess gift or door prize. Maybe I will even do several, I don't know, I'll have to think about it. I don't have much time though since the gathering is Monday. You can tell that the bracket is stamped on card stock, it looks pinker than the Joy and the photo background. This layout is a combination of the two layouts in the idea book on pages 8 and 11. Several ladies have been wondering what to use for the ornament hanger and I used the top from the Ornate Ornaments on page 50. I think it looks pretty cute. I didn't put a string on it or anything. Should I?

Now for the good news. After 9 long months of trying to find a full time job I finally got a job with our school board as an in-school bookkeeper. I am so happy to finally have a full time job. Now my family has health insurance again. I started on Monday and still in the process of cleaning out the office. The prior bookkeeper was a scatterbrained pack rat.

I need to go work on this layout and a companion.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. First, your layout is lovely! With regard to a hanger for the ornament, if you didn't want to use a stamp for another set, you could use ribbon, waxy flax, metallic cording, or even wire. A bent paper clip would work and would be "authentic." That's what I use when the wire hangers run out ... LOL.

    Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS on the job! It's got to be a huge load off your shoulders. I am SO happy and relieved for you.

    Take care, friend!

  2. Congrats on your new job Leslie!!
    That is great!!

    I'm sure your layout will be a hit at your gathering! It is great!

  3. Congratulations Leslie!!! I knew you could do it.I am so happy that you will have that relief now.Love your layout and love the top for the ornament...I would love to see a little gold cord (you know the thin stuff)at the top or tied around the ornament for dimension.I am sure the ladies will have so much fun making this layout.

  4. Leslie,

    I agree with Kathi about the ornament top - it might be better to not bring to the foreground that there isn't a topper with the set.

    I'm SO glad your new job is going well - I know it's work getting it sorted, but that's a good kind of work, huh!


  5. Yes! A little Juniper waxy flax would be perfect. Or a paper clip, like Kathi said! tee hee
    Super layout - I will copy it! When I did a layout at a gathering, I did a companion page - just one. Then I gave it to the hostess and offered it for $3 for anyone who placed an order. Then included it with instructions with their order when I gave it to them.
    p.s. e-mailed you back about the job ;-)

  6. Love the layout! Where do you find the time to do all this? You are one busy lady.

    So happy it's official on the job front.

  7. Leslie this lay out is terrific and your news so wonderful I shudder to think of going without insurance...Beth

  8. Love the layout and congrats to you!

  9. Great layout Leslie. And congrats on your new job. That is wonderful news for you and your family. Best of luck.

  10. Just getting back after a long two weeks away...great layout! And congrats on your new job with benefits! So happy for you, Leslie!