That's Me

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Does this meet the requirement

I was commissioned to make a card for my friend. She wants to send her sister a thinking of you/thank you card. The one requirement is that the card be spectacular. Please! I don't know how to do spectacular, I am just hoping it is good enough. She wanted to be able to write on the "inside". I guess this could pass for the inside. My friend's sister takes care of their mother who has Alzheimer's. They live up north and my friend goes up there every couple months and her sister takes that time to travel or take short trips to get away and rest. I thought the angels were a good touch as her sister is an angel of mercy. The amethyst card stock seemed a little on the light weight side but once I got the col. white cs on the back and started putting the front together, whoa, it is quite heavy now. I just realized that I didn't use any fibers. Oh well, some things can't be helped.

Check back later as I am going to show you what I cooked up, from the latest idea book - literally. I wonder how many of you even realize that there is an actual recipe in the book.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. It's stunning, darling!!!! This is the third shutter card in a row for which I have left a comment!!

  2. If spectacular was a requirement, you did your job, friend! Holy cow! Your card is spectacular.I can't even imagine doing something so ambitious. Your friend will love it!

  3. Leslie you have outdone yourself! This is truly a gorgeous card. Anyone would be honored to receive it.

  4. This is fantabulous! I don't think my brain could figure this one out! Beth