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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Album front

I purchase the linen albums to put my layouts in and then I put the plastic covers over them so they stay clean and fingerprint free.
I set out today to do a layout of some photos my husband had taken about 23 years ago. When I picked up my daughters album I noticed that this photo was inside the plastic cover and was upside down. I thought I would do a layout for this photo and then do the other layout I originally intended to work on. I only just got this one finished so the other layout will have to wait for another day. This was just a one page layout and I don't feel as though it is complete.
I have to admit I am a very proud mother. My girls are so very precious and my son. . . I pray that one day he will be the person I know he can be.
Back to this layout. I used as my inspiration the layout on the front of the Spring 2009 Idea. The photo is my oldest daughter's graduation/year book photo. When I graduated from high school the photographer came to the school, we all put on the velvet drapes and we all looked the same in the year book. When this photo was taken, we spent several hours at the hairdresser having hair straightened (you may recall from wedding photos that my daughter's hair is seriously curly and she hates it) and make up applied and then headed for the photographers studio where he took probably 20 photos in silk or satin drapes, leather jacket, feather boas. This was the photo my daughter liked the most so this is the one we bought. Although I believe we purchased all the proofs so I have a variety of photos, but this is the one in a frame on the wall and now on the front of her album.
If you can think of anything that would set this off or should I say finish it, leave me a message.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. I think the layout is great but after reading your post I'm confused if it's going in the book as a layout or going on the cover... lol.

  2. I think its great Leslie! Maybe if you move the swirly thing up to the bottom right hand corner of the photo and then put some sparkles on it? Also, love the photo!

  3. It is pretty (and so is your daughter)!

  4. Oh Leslie, this is beautiful. I just love this photo of your daughter. Your layout is superb. Maybe put a scallop strip (like you have next to the photo) adjoining the bottom of the ribbon to balance the bottom. Maybe a slim chocolate mat behind the striped B&t at the top right?

  5. Leslie,

    Your daughter is beautiful! The layout is perfect just the way it is . . . you have plenty on the page!

    Will you be using this one on a cover, too?