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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Digi birthday card

My friend, Jeannine, has a birthday on Friday, yes 9/11. I have been invited to her office for a birthday lunch and I cannot go empty handed, right? I don't think Jeannine checks out my blog, but if she does, she better act surprised on Friday - grins - .
The gift is an acrylic 5x7 picture frame with a pack of sticky notes attached to the front of it and a card designed and slipped into the back of it. I thought it would make a nice write on/wipe off board, but the marker wipes off, but leaves an image behind so that doesn't work. Yes, I stamped each piece of paper with a J.
As I mentioned in the subject, this is a digital image by S2G - That stands for Shirley's 2 girls. I really do not remember where I got this image, I do know it was a freebie. I am amassing a file of free digital images. I colored this same image 3 times before I came up with the one I settled on.
I love this paper from CTMH called That's Amore'. I think I must have ordered two or three packs of it so I have tons of it. It is a very elegant paper and even though Jeannine is a blue jeans type girl her home is very beautiful and elegant. I used Copic markers to color the image and the yarn is some that I bought to make a scarf with.
I haven't gotten around to making the scarf yet. I crochet these scarves and then hang them over my bedpost, they are very colorful, but you can't really wear scarves in Florida much. It is just something fun to do on a winter night while watching tv. Can't really think of too much more to say about any of it. Oh yeah, I was told I should put my mark on my artwork, so I did using picassa.
Thanks for tuning in.

I just remembered after I posted this that Katie Renz gave me the idea for the acrylic frame with the post it notes on it. Don't like to leave out credits, it's not nice. Sorry Katie.


  1. What!!?? No chocolate???!!! Where do you find these freebies? Come on give. It's the least you can do after making me spend all this money on overpriced markers.

    Fabulous card! Lucky girlfriend! Wonder what the scarves look like? (Awesome I'll bet.)

  2. That has to be one of the cutest darn things I've ever seen. She will love it.

    PS-Kidney stones are gone. Thanks for your sweet comments and concern!

  3. This is super cute Leslie! You can knit me a scarf we need them in IOWA LOL...
    We moved from FL to Iowa...I lived in Englewood and Largo on the gulf coast.
    No food for Cibele LOL...At least my card was a cupcake ha haa.
    Copics may be overpriced..but I think they are worth every penny!

  4. This is fabulous! Your freebie is the bomb! Beth

  5. what a fun card and gift, you know she is going to love this, who wouldn't ?

  6. Too cute! I love the colours! What fantastic cards!

  7. Cute project, dear! Have fun at the luncheon!