That's Me

Thursday, October 28, 2010

United Way Contribution

United Way expects everyone in the school to make a contribution.  I am not crazy about the idea of contributing money from my pocket, but contributing my artwork is another story.  I have all the supplies already and for the selfish reason that it advertises my business.  These items will become part of a silent auction.  Whatever is bid will become my contribution.  Yeah, works for me.

The brightly colored School Rules is a 5X8 notepad  with a pocket on the inside of the cover.

The 4X5 Thank you cards go inside the box with the pumpkin on the front.

The six little 3x3 thank you cards go inside the little drawer.

Thanks for tuning in.


  1. You've come up with a lovely way to contribute to the cause!

  2. Wow you gave way more than money!

  3. Great way to contribute! Love the cards. Your Magnifique card is gorgeous!


  4. This collection should have brought in a nice sum!! Your work is always top notch.