That's Me

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sports Bar

I think this is so cool.  One of my teachers asked me if I could make a sign for her son, Christian's, loft. He is only about 11 or 12, but he told her it wasn't his loft, but his sports bar.  Yes, I know that these balls are out of proportion, DH has already pointed that out.  Too Bad, So Sad.  What do you want when you are making them from scratch, right?!?  Can you think of anything else I should add to it?
I think I might get to bed early tonight, how nice for me.  I want to get up early in the am so I can run by WalMart and get a birthday cake.  Tomorrow is the principal's birthday.  I made her a card, you already saw that the other day, and I gave toward a gift card to Bath & Body Works, but she is a special lady.  You can never have enough cake, right?
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Great sign, Leslie, and it looks to me like you have it all covered. As for the balls not being proportional, it's more interesting that way. And for what it's worth, my husband would have commented, too. That's why my cards are all so girly. LOL. Hope you are having a good week.

  2. I really like this, regardless of proportion!

  3. I love that the balls are out of proportion. IT give is personality! You are such a thoughtful person.