That's Me

Sunday, February 21, 2010

more file folder note pads

These are fun, quick, easy and inexpensive to make. They probably cost around $1 to make. The file folder cost $0.25 each, the note pads were less than $0.50 each, a little piece of ribbon, a couple strands of tacky tape, a velcro dot, a three inch piece of hemp, oh I almost forgot a rub-on on the tag.
I took two with me yesterday to the Michelle Zindorf workshop. Just to say thank you to the lady hosting the workshop and Michelle for coming to Jacksonville. Did I already tell you this? I got that deja vu feeling while I was typing so I may have already told you about them.
Well it is late on a Sunday night and I have to be up early so I am going to say good night.
Thanks for tuning in. Good Night


  1. These are so awesome! I really need to check and see if we have pretty file folders in our little town. I'm inspired!!

    If I didn't say it already, have a good week!

  2. These are so fabulous, I do need to try to make one!

  3. Awesome!!!!! love these Leslie.

  4. Lovely - I think you've got a winner here and I am certain that Michelle and the scrapbook store hostess were both thrilled with your thoughtful gift! I know I'd be!