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Saturday, February 13, 2010

computer crashed, health issues etc...

Hi all, I know I haven't had much to say lately or show you. I haven't really created much. I have been busy with work and not feeling well, lots of medical issues right now.
My computer crashed and without thinking I indiscriminately wiped it clean. Not sure all that I have lost yet.
I am sure you don't want all the details of my health so I will just share the high points. Can there be high points to health. Then again they are not really the high, but the low points. After a year of not seeing the doctor I find that I am having issues with my thyroid. Apparently, I have a nodule that needs to be seen by a specialist. My bronchitis has subsided, but I am still coughing somewhat and only somewhat because it hurts too badly to cough, breathe, sneeze or even move. Did I mention breathe? I have what is called costochondritis. I probably say ooowwww 1000 or more times a day. It is some kind of inflammation around or near the ribs.
I have lots to do this weekend and once I get done with all the busy work I may go into my scrap room and play. I was trying to get goodies made for the teachers and faculty at the school only to realize there are over 80 people I need to make goodies for. I am halfway through with them so what do I do with them? I have to finish them and take them to school on Tuesday. Woo hoo I have Monday off.
I have to pack up some things and get them to the UPS or PO, I have some taxes to get filed. My daughter and her boyfriend are most anxious to get their taxes filed as they are both hoping to get money back.
No rest for the weary they say. I find that I am going to have to cut back on my activities in order to restore my health. Sometime soon.
One last thing I need to mention. I don't like the way I have my comments set up. I get too much spam and think that might be part of why my computer crashed so I am going back to the old way of comment moderation. To be perfectly honest I just wasn't paying attention and my anti-virus software expired and I was too lazy to take notice and reinstall it. My own doggone fault.
Sorry folks, I hope that won't deter everyone from leaving comments.
I haven't reloaded any of what I saved to my flash drive so I don't even have my live signature. I have to take the time to scan the flash drive before I can upload anything.
Thanks for tuning in. I hope all my blogging buddies are well and will be checking in soon.


  1. Hey there sweetie - just want you to know I'm not afraid of you - and I hope you work through these issues quickly so you can get stabilized and feeling better. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

  2. I am glad you are taking time to care for yourself and hopefully you will find an answer to all the issues soon.
    I will stop in and leave a comment no matter what type of system you use I just enjoy your creations and sharing stories.
    Take care of yourself and let us know how you are doing sweetie.
    A big Hugz to you

  3. Awww (((Leslie))))!!!! Hang in there.

  4. I hope the doctors fix you up fast and that you are back to your normal self asap. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless as health holds you back!

  5. Take care of YOURSELF first. The rest can wait. Sending good thoughts your way.......

  6. Hugs to you, Leslie! Take care of yourself!!