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Thursday, February 18, 2010

invitation copied right from Karen Pedersen

Last week Karen posted an invitation or reminder about a meeting and I thought it was perfect for my needs so I copied it. Use the link to check out Karen's and see how closely I kept to hers. She used hearts, I used our new flower set, Enjoy Every Moment. Isn't it beautiful? Both the invitation and the flower. I love the elegant look of the flowers and the elegant look of the invitation. What can I say? I am quite pleased with it.
There are two other flowers that come in the stamp set one is more of a weed like dandelions and the other is not so elegant, but just as pretty.
I thought I would be in bed early tonight. I better get a move on.
You will never in a million years guess what I am doing this weekend. Do you give up? I am so excited I can hardly spit it out - I am going to a Michelle Zindorf Workshop. Yup yup, isn't that exciting? She is going to be in town for the weekend and believe it or not, just 15 minutes from my house. That is quite remarkable considering Jacksonville is the largest city in the US - area wise. Do not for one minute think that I will be able to create the beautiful work that Michelle puts out, but I may learn some new techniques. woo hoo!!!! If you aren't familiar with her work click on her name and take a gander at her beautiful artwork.

Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Love your invitation, Leslie! The flowers are so pretty!!! As for the Michelle Zindorf workshop, I am GREEN with envy but just as happy for you! For fun!! Enjoy!

  2. I am honored and flattered that you liked my little creation enough to use it as inspiration for yours!

  3. NOOO WAYYY you are going to a Zindorf workshop!!! WOWIE I am soooo jealous.
    The invitation is beautiful and you should be happy with it. It is gorgeous.

  4. Great invitation, Leslie! I loved Karen's, also!

    I am just glowing green with envy that you're going to a Zindorf workshop - - - that will be SO awesome! Congratulations for getting to go - you must be livin' right!

    I'll be sitting right here waiting for details. Ok?

  5. Elegant indeed!
    When is your workshop? Like I need to know where you will be every minute of the weekend. HA!


  6. Beautiful invitation! Have an awesome time this weekend and I can't wait to see what you come up with after the class.

  7. Check my Blog, you are a Winner!