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Thursday, December 29, 2011

a few more things

This is a book of cards.  I got the pattern for it years ago from Vicki Wizniuk.  She really is a creative wiz.  

This is the inside of the book

These are the cards in the book.  Remember All CASEd from Vicki.

There were 8 cards and envelopes altogether.  This was actually one of the items that sold at the arts and crafts fair we had at school.

Another box of note cards.  I got the idea from Lisa Stenz.   Another fine crafter.  Everything she makes is so elegant and (I hate to use the term perfect) but as close to perfection when it comes to crafting.  

These cards go with the box above it.  The cards can be turned either way  with the flower in the upper corner, the lower corner or with the stripe going down the side.  I picked up the flowers at Michaels, of course, and found that they can be colored with Copics to match your ink and papers.
These cards go with the box below it.  I still have trouble uploading photos to my blog.  It has gotten a lot faster, but not sure what order they should be posted in.

Another box of cards.  Sorry the lighting was so terrible.
Once again,  box of cards.  This one I gave to my sister for  a small gift.  This flower  and the next three are all colored with Copic Markers.

I don't know why I am dragging it out as I will get busy and forget to post the rest.  Check back for more.

Thanks for tuning in.

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