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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve.  I want to wish everyone who stops by to visit a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

I have lots of excuses for not posting in a while.  My most recent is that I have had bronchitis for the past week.  Before that I haven't done much in my scrap room.  No energy, no time, no get up and go.  In fact, my get up and go got up and left.  Deserted, abandoned, headed for the hills.  Yup, just gone!!!

I did make one card this week, well. . .  actually I made three, but only took a picture of this one.  The other two I gave away before I thought to take a picture. They were the same design, just maybe a little prettier.  Sorry, you will have to take my word for it. This card is called folded tree and if you click on the link,
Connie Babbert you will see my inspiration.  I found a card like it on someone's blog and followed it to where Connie had posted the diagram for this darling tree.  It is really quite easy if you have a circle cutter of some kind.

I made 5 of those Thanks/Joyful banners for a lady at work.  I don't want to do any more of those for a while.    I keep thinking that Spring/Summer would make nice banners also, but that is as far as that line of thought has gone.  I need to order more coasters if I am going to attempt it.  My original banner was one sided.  I am trying to improve on it.  I found some large split rings and took out the hemp and connected it with the rings.  Now I am trying to put JOYFUL on the other side, but one of the pieces is confounding me.  I used different pieces of chipboard for it and one just refuses to take on any color.  I can't decide if I want to remake that one piece or keep messing around to try to get it to take the color.

I went to visit my sisters in August and one of them introduced me to Debbie Macomber books.  I wish she hadn't done that.  You will probably notice that my posting fell off around that time.  I can't get enough of her books.  I used to read regency romance novels and never cared much for modern day stuff.  I just wasn't reading the right authors.

There's a nice fire crackling in the living room, I am going to go snuggle up on the sofa and try not to cough my fool head off.

Have a Blessed Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Very nice card. Really like the unusual folded tree.

  2. Love your card. The folded tree is very cool - an idea for next year! I hope you are feeling better by now. Happy New Year, my friend!

  3. I hope by this time you are feeling better and that you had an awesome Christmas! I want to also wish you a happy and healthy New Year!! I'm looking forward to more awesomeness from you this year. :)

  4. Leslie, I've missed YOU! What a neat folded tree card!

  5. Just read your comment about Debbie Macomber. I was the one who got Christine started on those. But, I found someone who writes in a similar way only I think she's even better than Debbie. Her name is Marie Bostwick. She has a website. Where Debbie's books are about knitting, Marie's are about quilting. Awesome books.