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Sunday, November 21, 2010


The photos are horrible, I need a decent camera, I guess.
Blogger changed the way they upload photos and I guess I just loaded them backwards.  Sorry about that.

I wanted you to see my latest thanks/joyful banner.  I changed it a little using different stamps and thought you might like to see.  This originally started from a photo in our Close To My Heart Idea Book.  I think it was the Summer edition.  Since then I made one like the book and then Annette Greene  made one that is beautiful.  I have been trying ever since to imitate hers.  Check out the link to Annette's Creative Journey.  She is an artist by trade and gift.  Take a look around her blog, she is so fantastically talented it is impressive.  If you stumble across her Halloween photos you will be amazed at the make up job she did on herself, her husband and her daughter.
I made one of these banners for a lady I work with and the other morning she came into my office to tell me her mother had to have one and paid me for it up front.  I was in the middle of another job, so I had to wait until this weekend to get it together.  I hope she will like this one as much as she likes the one I made for her daughter.  My biggest problem is finding the chipboard letters.  CTMH is retiring them, so I snapped up several more packs.  The ones I used on this banner are actually from Michael's.  I am thinking of making more for Spring and Summer.  I made one for a wedding gift and I made one for my sister's birthday.  I was going to send it to her, but I really wanted to see her open it so I will take it with me when I go next week.  I get to spend 5 wonderful days with my sisters.  I went down in August when they were just getting everything back into the house ofter the construction project. and worked my butt off, this time I am hoping most of that has been done.
I have some work to do this evening so I better sign off.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. These are amazing, Leslie! No wonder you got another order up front! Each panel is a little work of art x

  2. Great job on your thanks and joyful banners, Leslie! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving!