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Monday, September 20, 2010

Couple of cards

This card is to go with the box and album.  I thought bigger would be better, but not so when it comes to sparkles.  Oh well.

This card is for a lady who is going to work at district.  We want her to know that we wish her well and will miss her.

I am in training this week.  In three weeks I will not be a "probie" any longer, but a full fledged Civil Servant bookkeeper.  A friend, who went through the first training at the same time last year, and I begged for a refresher course and this week is it.  We have a 5 inch thick manual of the rules and regs and hope that going through it a second time, things that made no sense last time will be perfectly clear this time.   I plan to get caught up with my work on Friday.  I am still going in to the office for a few minutes each morning as training is just a few blocks down the road.

Right in the middle of class today I got a photo on my phone from my sister who is a grandmother for the very first time today.  Olivia was born this afternoon. 8 lbs, 5 oz, 22 inches long.  As far as I know mother and daughter are doing well.  I am sure my nephew is on cloud 9.  Being 6'7" his head is always so far above mine it's like he is in the clouds to me.  I can't wait to see who Olivia takes after.

It is time for beddy bye.  thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Gorgeous cards, Leslie! And congrats on the grand-niece. I have a niece named Olivia, too. Such a pretty name!