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Sunday, September 19, 2010

ANOTHER album and box wedding gift

Back of album - I am really quite pleased with this page.  It has such  feeling a Fall.  It shows off the various papers in this paper pack so well.
First set of inside pages.  The stamped image on the gate fold  photo place holder is from the stamp set The Present.  The Happiness is from State of Mind stamp set and the two die cuts are contemporary hearts from Spellbinders.  The little silver dots are from the same die cuts using a silvered card stock.  You will see that i have used the little hearts from the die cuts all over the album.  They are just too cute.
Right side - nothing new that I didn't already say about the left side.
Second set of inside pages - I have used the heart on most every one of the albums that I have made.  I am not crazy about this set, but it is on there now.
Right side of second set - The die cuts are filled with mini pearls, as opposed to Minnie Pearl.  Some of you older ladies will understand the reference. - grins -
Back set of pages - kind of blahhh, boring, so so. . . The corners of the photo is actually a stamp from the set, The Present.  It looks so totally different, probably because I covered up part of it.  If you can get a close look at it, it is really very pretty.  More of those contemporary hearts.
Right side of back set - Same story here.

Front of Album - more contemporary hearts.  I actually asked the bride for the invitation.   It was one that had been returned in the mail and the envelope had a small hole in it and caused the spot on it that I then tried to color over.  I can see it, but probably one one else will notice.
I was commissioned to make this wedding gift for a teacher at work.  Remember the Magnifique box and photo pages that I posted last week?  That gift was from me to the same teacher, this one is from a lady who has commissioned other gifts as well as been a recipient of one of my albums and boxes herself .

I really struggled with this even up to Saturday morning I was thinking of using a different paper pack.  I already had some of the paper cut and backed out.  I wanted to use this Olivia paper pack and wasn't going to be happy until I did. I thought long and hard about this all week.  Now I hope the giver and the receiver are happy with it.  I haven't even begun the box yet so I better sign off and get back to it.

Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Leslie, the Olivia papers are gorgeous & what a lovely gift album it is! The rich chocolate ribbon makes the cover just POP! Great job.

  2. What a beautiful album. Love that Olivia paper.