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Monday, August 23, 2010

I will try again to post some cards.

This one is for a football player/teacher's aide at my school. During arena football season he plays for the Dallas Vigilantes and the rest of the year he is in demand at school. He has to carry a walkie as he is called to different classrooms all day for control issues. I thought the sentiment on an oval was rather clever since it is kind of like a football. It got me a hug today.

This card is copied from Aaron Brown's blog, I really like the flower on this . It is from a stamp set that came with a mini album set called Triple Play from CTMH. The paper is called Cherry Oh.

This card I copied from Sharli's Place. I have made at least three like this. One in yellow and purple, this one in pink and purple and another one in green and orange. It goes together so quickly, I really like the simplicity and beauty of it.

Blogger is frustrating me terribly. I used to not be able to get a complete sentence keyed before the photo was uploaded, now I can key about three sentences and it still isn't uploaded. I have gotten lazy about taking photos of my artwork. I think it is because I get so frustrated I figure what's the use. There have been several cards that I have taken to work without even photographing first.

Boy, do I sound grumpy or what? I must need to go to bed.
I will say goodnight.
Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Your cards are all great, Leslie. There is nothing like a card that earns you a hug! I'm sorry to hear about your frustration with Blogger. The few times I've tried to use it, I've been frustrated as well. LiveWriter works so much better for me. I hope you're chipper again tomorrow after a good night's sleep. Take care, friend.