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Thursday, August 26, 2010

ANOTHER album and box - if blogger cooperates

I get so frustrated with Blogger and the time it takes to upload photos, I have almost given up trying to post to my blog. My Friend Kathi uses something different than blogger and I may have to follow her lead. Of course, after I said this blogger was very user friendly tonight.

a piece of random stamped home-made B&T

Random stamped - home made B&T

This is called bandanna technique. I learned it from Tressa Black on her U-stream video.

Each flower on the lid has a small sparkle in the center and Hope is all in glitter.

side view of box and my homemade random stamped B&T

front of box - should have lined up the images better. The lid has a magnetic closure. I fit my card stock to the front and then punch holes where the magnets are and cover with B&T.

Some of my random stamped , hand made paper

front of album - it is a retirement gift - thus the poem. Love the peacock stamp.

Sorry these next few images are blurry see explanation below
I wish you could see my buttons. I purchased some chocolate buttons from Jane. She has a blog and makes and sells these wonderful buttons. With the order came these three buttons in just the right colors. Amazing how that happens.

Sorry about the blurry photos, every time I tried to photograph this last batch of pages, my camera would go wonky and rather than close up or even portrait I would have to use the "mountain" setting. I finally gave up. The reason I wanted you to see these blurry photos is that some of the paper is handmade. I made the mistake of showing the new idea book to the lady requesting this gift and she chose the one paper pack I didn't have. Well, I immediately put in my order, but it gets here tomorrow and I have to deliver the gift tomorrow. So I did the next best thing. I used my stamps and made the paper.
The lady receiving the gift was one of my first customers at school. She purchased an album and box for her stepson and daughter-in-law. I feel like she will be pleased.

I need to go put the box in a bag. I do not even have the energy to make a card for her. I didn't tell the lady I would, but I usually like to throw one in. I only charge $30 for this set and with all the hours I put into one I make about $1 an hour.

Going to get this put to bed, the gift put to bed and me put to bed.

Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Your box looks really nice. All of your random stamping is great, and you did a really good job using Tresa's Bandana technique. It's fun to see it using some different colors.

  2. Hi, Leslie. Can you share how you cut out the inside sections of the peacock? It's one of the areas I struggle with my stamping - cutting out images! Thanks! ~Fellow Legacy Leader - Debbie Tuggle~