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Saturday, March 6, 2010

another wedding gift

Top cover of the box.
Side view of the box.
Front cover of the accordion album.
The other two inside pages

Two of the inside pages.

Back of the album
Inside of the back of the album.
This is the card to match the gift.

A lady I work with liked the box and album that I made for my nephew so much she asked me to make one for a friend's son and his soon to be bride. Her colors are tulip and gray wool.

This Silhouette paper is great for wedding albums. I sure hope that CTMH comes out with another great black & white paper packet since I understand this one is retiring.

Sorry I have been away so much and have not left any comments. I am still under the weather and thought I was giving up one of the offices that I had been working for, but found that isn't the case. I was really enjoying the fact that after a full day at the office I could come home and get comfy before jumping into my other work. I have always had a hard time saying no to anyone who has asked for my help.
The office where I worked had hired two women to do my job and neither one of them could do it. One woman spent an entire day in the office and as I understand it only got one thing accomplished, that was to print a check on actual check stock after numerous attempts at printing it on plain paper. Only to find that when I went in to the accounting program I could not find any record of the check. It is a good feeling to be needed.

Thanks for tuning in.


  1. This is beautiful, Leslie. What a lovely gift.

    I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling 100 percent yet. It's been a long haul. And you poor dear - from waiting so long for a full-time job and now too many jobs! Sounds like you're indispensable as well. It's shocking how a lot of folks these days don't know how to work.

    Take care of yourself. It's wonderful to hear from you!

  2. This album is so very beautiful - it's a wonderful gift. Hope you're well soon!

  3. Leslie,
    What a beautiful album! Just perfect for those special photos . . .

    I'm so sorry you're still under the weather - such a long, dragged out illness for you! I miss the energy and fun you had and sure hope it comes back soon!

    It is gratifying when people finally realize our worth.

  4. Hi Leslie... that is sooo pretty! What a great idea for a wedding gift! xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Oh, Leslie! This is stunning! I love it!

  6. This is just BEAUTIFUL!!! You are just so talented sweetie.What a wonderful gift to give.
    Guess it is nice to be needed but take care of yourself first OK sweetie?

  7. I agree - what a lovely gift! Weddings are upcoming so I may need to "borrow" this idea - LOL!! ~Debbie Tuggle

  8. What an amazing gift!! Get better soon lady!

  9. This is phenomenal Leslie best wishes too! Beth