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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'll just bet you don't know what this is

I just got this in the mail today and I think it is the neatest thing for scrappers. It is called a Bow Easy. You can find it on this link. Check Store Page 2 tab at the top of the Sharon's blog. Sharon Johnson of No Time To Stamp? sells these cute little jobbies. She has a photo tutorial and a video tutorial of how it works. It took me a few tries to get one to come out right, but here are three examples of bows that took me less than a minute, more like 15 seconds, to make. I was real surprised I could actually make a bow with wire in the ribbon like this, but easy peasy! You can make seven different size bows with this. Too cool.
I am working on a card for a blog hop in July and am putting it off. I want to peruse the boards and do some blurfing to get ideas.
Thanks for tuning in.

P.S. Thanks again Sharon for my Bow Easy.


  1. HI Leslie! Your bows are all lovely -- you even did such a teeny-tiny one!!! How fun!!! Being a card maker I don't think too often of those who mostly scrap -- and by all means, these bows would be SO lovely on a scrapbook page. Thanks for pointing that out to me. And THANK YOU for the links! I am so glad you are pleased with your Bow Easy! Now, get to work on that Blog Hop project!!! LOL!!! Thanks much!!!

  2. Your bows look great Leslie. I've seen the Bow Easy and have thought about getting it.

  3. Ya know I was wondering about using one of these...thanks for letting us know how cool it is. Your bows look great! Is this a CTMH blog hop? Do you hear about them on the BB? I would love to participate.

  4. Doll, they are adorable! I saw it on Sharon's rockin' blog - she is so talented!