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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Event Calendar photos

These images are not mine, I am just sharing what others have shared with me on our CTMH Bulletin Board.


Someone on the CTMH Artwork BB asked for some images of event calendar artwork and I have 50 or 60 images. I promise I won't upload all of them. Just a smattering here or there. I don't know who posted these on the BB as I hadn't gotten savvy yet and stared saving images with the designers name as I do now.
Thanks for tuning in.
It just dawned on me when I was replying to a comment that I need to make another one for my princess that just moved into her own apartment.

If you would like to see more leave a comment and I'll post some more photos tomorrow. As I said, I have about 50 photos. you can click on the images and get a close up look.


  1. Leslie,
    It's like you read my mind! I just had a friend ask if I would put together an event calendar workshop - and I'm thinking - they won't want one just like MINE (too fussy!) - I'll need ideas! And here you are. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Leslie! I think I've got an event calendar in my stash. It might just be time to dust it off and stamp it up!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. It's funny you should post these because I'm about to order an event calendar to make as a gift and could use some inspiration.

  4. I made one of these too!!! I love them.
    So easy to do and so effective.

  5. My mom is coming up to my house tonight. I'll see if she can work up a pattern on those little flowers.

  6. I forgot to sound like me with the in south Texas. I've got a ton! Hardly ever get to wear them...

  7. My mom had the pattern for a single layer flower, I'll post when we figure out the double one too...