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Saturday, December 29, 2012

gift for my daughter

My daughter had been leaving her fingernail polish on the kitchen table and the coffee table so I thought I would do with the nail polish what I have done with my re-inkers.  I used card-stock and made rows to hold the bottles.  In this case it is some, but not all, of her nail polish bottles.  I would need the other half of the Snapware container, that I just purchased for more re-inkers, to fit all of her nail polish bottles. There are about 75 in the container now and you can see from the bag on top of the container that there are plenty more to go.

The top snaps into place and multiple layers connect one layer could hold all the tools she uses, like files and cuticle clippers etc...
I have three layers for my re-inkers, my Stickles, my embossing powders etc...

Any way, I just thought I would share my little morning project.

Thanks for tuning in.

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