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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some May Cards

Found the tutorial to make this Hug Fold Card on Brenda Frerich's blog,  stamp.scrap.create.  Oh my gosh, she has the most wonderful creative ideas.

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 I was getting tired and needed a gift bag. The L is from a set of grey chipboard letters that I bought several years ago.  I sponged it with hollyhock ink and it looks like suede.  I think it is beautiful.  Not so crazy about the bag.  Especially when I realized that what I was covering up on the front and back was also on both sides.  Oh well, too late.  I hope Lillie's mom will forgive me when she sees the gift inside.  It is a picture frame that I found on a website for eksuccess.

I found this design in the latest CardMaker Magazine.  I think.  I have about 25 cards that I was going to post tonight, but realized that was just way too many cards to post at one time.  My notes for the designs are probably back in the scrap room so I can't be certain about when I found this pattern.  I was going through a CardMaker mag from 2009 and then the latest came in the mail about the same time.  I think this is such a clever idea.  It is a corner bookmark that comes off the card, as you can see below.  The recipe is by Tanis Giesbrecht.

I tried to make this one NOT look halloweeny, but I don't think I succeeded.

This was from the 2009 CM mag.  The Inchie section.  As you will notice in future posts, I really liked the inchie style.  This is just a tidbit.

I think I saw something like this on StampTV by Gina K.  Love that website and her great videos.

This card is for Lillie's mom.  Poor Carissa hasn't even had her baby and she has already lost her identity.  Her shower is tomorrow and I made this card and the one below for myself and another lady at work.  Deneen Treble shared the pattern for this card quite a few years ago.  It comes in very handy.

I used the overalls pattern that Deneen Treble designed.  I just left out the little triangle at the bottom center to make it into overalls.  Debra Smith made a card VERY much like this one, so even though I had the pattern, the design is hers.

Picture this frame in blues with no name or flowers and that is what I found on the eksuccess  website.  Not a bad gift for probably $2.00.  The frame cost $1.00, I already had the letters, flowers, brad, punch and paper.  I hope Carissa will like it.  I was going to do a banner using CTMH banner kit, but didn't have the energy.

Thanks for tuning in.  I have tons more to post, just not tonight.

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  1. Leslie, you never cease to amaze me. These projects are wonderful and the onsie and overalls are just too adorable!