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Saturday, March 26, 2011

fun stuff

1 inch wide organdy ribbon with a center of a big brad with a button glued to it, on top of that is a large clear sparkle and about 7 smaller red sparkles attached around that all held together with liquid glass.

paper flower made with 5 paper flowers - cute huh???

Another fun paper flower

lots of fun paper flower

ehhh, not so hot paper flower.  This one didn't have any character to the petals, all just flat so it didn't turn out as pretty as the others.

probably my favorite.  it is smaller than the red flower as this organdy  ribbon is about 5/8 in wide.  Love this color blue.  The center is a larger colonial white brad with the pearl and blue sparkles glued down with liquid glass.

This one was probably my first one that I made last night.  I was sharing my joy over my little goodies that I had made and my daughter snatched this one up and said she wanted it and could we attach it to something so she could wear it in her hair, thus the bobby pin you can see in the lower center of the picture.  Since the center is made using a brad, I just put the brad ends through the end of the bobby pin and bent them over it.  It looked darling in her hair and survived an evening out at a dance club.
I found the how-to videos on Connie McFarland's blog Paper Pleats and Ribbon Roses.  Check out her blog.  She is a very talented lady.  I love her style.

I will have some photos to share, eventually, of an ATG stand.  I made one this morning for a blogging friend and will put it in the mail to her once I get the right size envelope.  After she gets it, I will post my photos.

I need to run some errands and then come back to get a few cards made.  Got to do something with these flowers, right???

Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Leslie,
    Your flowers are so pretty. Love the organdy ones.