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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

cards, cards, & more cards

I thought some of the sorority gals would appreciate this card, but I was wrong.  I really like the pink and green with the Bohemian alphabet.  I must have needed more.

This one made several sales.

Again, this one I thought would be a nice masculine card, but no takers.

One of my favorites.  I think this little guy is so cute.  I made this one and another in pink and another in yellows and all three were snatched up.

This one was a hit with some of the ladies at work.

This one I ended up making 4 of, but I used tulip colored card stock and colored the roses each a little differently.  I think they all sold. 

This was a hit also.  I made another in deeper tones and different letters, and both sold.

this was the first one I sold.

This one didn't fare so well.  I thought someone might get it for a child, but no takers.

One sweet lady is moving at the end of the week and this is our going away card for her.

This was a hit.  I did remember to cover up the 29th through the 31st on all the cards, but this one.  I also changed the heart.  I thought this one was a little too fat.  I kind of like the heart, but it reminds me of a really big butt.

Another version of the rose card.  I really like the coloring on the rose in the photo.  Why is it that in person I thought it looked stupid?

Baby Ryan's mommy is getting this card

Big brother William is getting this card.  When the teacher said William likes trains, I told her I could do trains!!!!

I'm sure you can guess that I made cards to sell at work for Valentine's Day.  They were a big hit.  I made a little money.  You probably can't see it, but on each of the embossed backgrounds I used the clear stardust jelly roll pen.  LOVE IT!!!!

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging for a while.  I have been in a blue funk for a while now.  I think I am finally over the bronchitis, but I am still suffering from a major migraine.  I asked the doctor to give me a new/old prescription and it is working well as long as I take it.  I used to have to only take the meds when I felt a migraine coming on, now I have to take at least one if not two pills a day to keep the migraine at bay.   There are some days that I don't even turn on the computer when I get home from work except to do some property mgmt work. 
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. What great cards! I especially like the colors and design of the first one shown.

  2. Nice cards, Leslie--The first two are my faves! I hope and pray you feel better soon & get rid of those migraines!

  3. Leslie I loved all of your cards and you really made laugh when you said the heart reminded you of a butt. LOL!!! I have to say the frog is my fave too.

    Sorry to hear you suffer from migraines. I do too so I know exactly what you are going through. I take some meds daily to avoid them and I wish I could get off of them because I hate the side effects. Take care.

  4. Leslie you make the cutest/nicest cards! I, too, laughed with the big butt heart comment.

    I take medication (two actually, twice a day) to prevent migraines. Then I have a medication for when they come on. Feel better soon.