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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Idyllhours Blog Award from Dawn

Isn't this a beautiful award? Love the colors, the softness of the petals and the thought behind it. I wish I could read what it says. Does anyone know?
I got this award from Dawn over at Dawn's Craft Place. Dawn always has a nice thing to say. She leaves comments when she drops in that brighten my day.
The rules for this one are to accept the award, comment on the blog of the person awarding it to you, pass it on to at least 5 other, and reveal 5 things you enjoy.

1. Being a Christian - Love of My Lord - My savior
2. Work - I love getting up in the morning and going to work. Doing a job that I am good at.
3. Family and friends - I enjoy spending time with my children, my sisters, my husband and my friends, especially when we "scrap".
4. "Scrappin" - I love creating artwork in my scrap room, sharing it on my blog, the CTMH artwork Bulletin Board, Legacy Leaders - my team website and getting back comments on my artwork, even when it is cased AND I love to teach. I enjoy sharing what I have learned about scrapping techniques and sharing my addiction to papercrafts.
5. Reading - I read mostly novels, romance and mystery.

Passing on this award is the most difficult thing to do. A lot of bloggers do not want to take the time to pass it on so they don't want to accept it. In that spirit I am going to leave it up to each blogger to accept or not.

Thanks again Dawn.
Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Hi Leslie! I laughed out loud - I, too, received this one and had the exact same question. What does it say? You can't just enlarge it to read it because it gets blurry. So, if you figure it out - let me know.

    Also - congrats on your award! You are MOST deserving!

  2. Take a look at this blog and you may have an answer. :)

  3. You rock Leslie and deserve every award you get.
    That writing is teeny tiny!